Monday, June 25, 2012

The proposal ring

It was a perfect Sunday evening. Dressed in her finesse just to please herself (an independent girl as she is , she dint believe in dressing up for others, some things should be done for your own self she often mused), she opened the tiny window. The raindrops were falling, the sweet smell of the wet mud hallucinating her. She started reading the novel and before she knew, the cool atmosphere and the warm comforter lulled her to a sweet sleep.

She wakes up... where am I she thinks to herself. She touches her ring finger, where is my ring? She feels a strange vacuum. Where am I? What am I doing here? OMG... she seems to be caught in a whirlwind of thoughts... She feels strange. It is scary and dark. She cannot find her proposal ring. She calls out for him, cannot even find him... The rain drops which were pleasing her now brought along a dampness she feared... She felt lonely...

She sat on the floor... Is there no one I can talk to? Is there no one? She checks her cell phone... Selfish people - they call only when they are in need or when they are free... She dials a couple of numbers and even before it starts ringing, she cuts the call. No I am not weak she tells herself... As her right hand constantly circles her ring finger, she comes back to reality... No ring is actually supposed to be there, she tells herself. She assembles her broken pieces, gets up and makes herself a strong cup of cappuccino.... A lot can really happen over coffee!!

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