Monday, June 4, 2012

I am sorry

        I am sorry but I dont have that perfect figure, nor do I have a chiselled face and neither am I so tempting that people would love me, the first time they'd see me.I am sorry I dont have that much-loved-accent of talk, nor do I have the Oxford vocabulary. I don't have poker straight hair , nor do they curl gracefully.I am not the best developer at work and obviously not the one who'd always get promoted. I don't stand a position when I see those chics out there, all modern and one with style, whom you'd look at with x-ray eyes.
       But one thing I am not sorry about is that I am what I am. So I really dont care what you feel about me. I am fine with my curves, so what if they are not at the correct places. I am happy with the work I do and I hate it when you compare me with others who can do it better than me. I hate it when you (who knows absolutely nothing about me) judge me.I am ok with my not so perfect facial features and it doesn't really bother me when guys dont turn back to give me a second glance, coz it really doesnt affect.I absolutely adore myself for the way I talk. I love the way my hair falls and forms a mosaic, I love it all messed up. I dont want to be perfect. I love the way I am, so please take a chill pill and dont bother to tell me what I need to improve.This is my life and I'll live it my way. So please, next time you think of telling me "ways to improve" or your "opinion about me" remember I am not hearing.

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