Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The story of slap and sorry

Ok so, you think you love her a lot. You love her for who she is, you love her enthusiasm, you love the way her locks falls on her face, you love the way she dresses, you love the way she behaves.. in short you have found yourself a near-perfect-life-partner and you cannot think about anyone else than her. Once a flirt now you don't use your x-ray eyes to scan other chics.. .Oops did I mention chics.. Sorry; you don’t scan other girls, at least not in front of her. You are not that all-time-available-for-chat-guy and neither are you online on Facebook 24x7 like you earlier did. The fear of commitment has vanished; you really want to settle down with her. Till now you were the master of your own heart and your anger knew no bounds when someone said anything against your will, even though you were the one who was wrong. Now you have learnt the art of saying "sorry", which seemed like a rare possibility for you till you met her.

But as Newton said, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction", so you have learnt the act of balancing the sorry for every slap (not literally though) So each time you mock her for looking fat (guys!! that’s a NO.. you can't call your girl FAT) you tell her she looks good. Each time you mock her for indulging in something you tell her you really love her enthusiasm or you love how she balances work and play. Each time you tell her you don’t mind if she talks to guys, when you are angry you make her realize that you know whom she is in contact with... and the list goes on and on... So you see, a slap for every sorry and a sorry for every slap... vicious circle...

Tell me how is she supposed to accept flowers from you when you already tell her that flowers according to you are a waste of money? Why will she accept a gift from you if she knows you hate the concept of gifting? Why will she think she is important for you make her realize that you have to go out of your way to date her? Simply talking, please keep the relationship simple. Don't complicate it. The biggest storms arrive after the biggest silence. So don’t take her silence or small rebellions as its-fine-for-now-next-time-i-hug-her-she-will-be-fine!! Doesn't work!! Saying sorry and then making mistakes all over again doesn’t help guys!! Remember she is as independent as you are and has all the rights to put her foot down... Are you game for it?

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