Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 15 - Happiness is

Happiness is... people who care and medicines which work!!

Wednesday and Thursday I faced severe spasm in my tummy. Thinking the pain would subside and plastering a fake smile I carried on with work and the daily chores, to be jostled into reality on Thursday night. I had severe tummy ache and starting symptoms of a severe UTI. Now, if you have been affected by UTI, you'd know how bad it can be and if you never been affected, be happy and pray you never ever get it. We had been to McDonald's on the weekend to get some ice-cream fill and I had used the ewww disgusting washroom as the urge was unbearable. Guess that must have triggered the UTI.. so Thursday night was spent in the loo :( As soon as I'd come and wrap myself in the blankie the urge to pee would make me run to the loo again.. I dropped  a message(post 1am) to the sister who is a gynecologist and woke up the hubby(only to get his shoulder to cry on and tell him I was dying) He had a presentation on Friday (and an important one!!) but stayed awake with me for sometime. The sister (Thank God for sisters!) called me  around 2ish and suggested medicines. Given our prior experience , we knew the medicals would be closed by that time and I didn't want the hubby to go any further (lest I die in the washroom with him not around) So, he checked the medicine box and found one of the medicines already there... So finally after calls with the sister, a dose of the medicine and some more tlc, I rested my tired self around 7am in the morning and then almost slept the whole Friday.

I really need to be more careful about using common washrooms and stock up cranberry juice and the general medicines, but am really thankful that the sister and the hubby were around...


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