Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Day 5 - Happiness is

Happiness is...

How do you write a Happiness post when you really aren't happy, when you are feeling low and want to hide in the blankie and never be seen again?
What do you write about when you do the everyday chores just for the sake of and march off to work just because you have to!

But then on days like these, the blog helps doesn't it...
Now, just for the sake of this blog, I am thinking about what made me happy, so that I can write about it..

Happiness is.. my blog - which gives me a platform to express.
Just like a full box, which when tried to stuff more, will explode or overflow, so does the heart when filled with emotions and then tears flow. It is easy to keep my feelings to myself than to pour my heart out when I know I won't be heard and if heard I'll be ignored and if not ignored, I'll be told that I am bothering about things I can ignore...

Happiness is... the smell of hot coffee and that yummy chocolate cookie to go along with it..
Happiness is... the smell of rain..
Happiness is... trying a new craft and not failing miserably in it..
Decoupage for the first time!!

Happiness is... hearing a good song..
Happiness is... learning new words..
Happiness is... liking the sound of a word!!
Zephyr - a soft breeze.. I like the sound of it!!


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