Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day 28 - Happiness is...

Happiness is... chocolate, cake and compliments!!

On Christmas Eve, I baked a chocolate cake - it was demonic - cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, chocolate essence.. I even tried my hand at making a mirror glaze chocolate syrup to dress the cake with. Though I blew up the proportions (I now have a big bowl of that lying in my fridge) it came out well. Initially, I could smell the gelatin in it and didn't want to it, but after it was complete, there was no awful smell. The kiddo met with an accident and I was in no mood to feast on the cake, and so I just took a bite, halfheartedly... coz I just felt too bad.

It was only yesterday when the hubby told me that it was very delicious. He said that the cake was yummy and the mirror glaze, thought not very glazy was very tasty... The hubby is not the kinds to give compliments, for him, it is simple - If-I-am-eating-it-it-is-good!! So this coming from him on a phone call made me happy :) and left me smiling to myself like an idiot!

Leaving you with pics of the cake...


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