Friday, December 29, 2017

Day 29 - Happiness is...

Happiness is... Garlic bread with cheese... I absolutely love them... Compliment them with a white sauce pasta or eat them just like that - they taste heavenly and the smell - wow!!

I have dragged through and today is day 29, I am happy I could write for all these days.. 2 days pending to this self challenge of finding happiness for a whole month. Although I did post some pictures and cheat posts, I am glad I did not take a break in between. I went through a bad writer's block and haven't come out yet... I still cannot write any pretty good posts but I guess eventually I will..

Kiddo is doing better now, the wounds are looking better. We had a physician and ophthalmologist visit to make sure that the wounds were getting better. We still need to see a physiotherapist. It is painful and exhausting for him and I feel really sad to see him like this, but I guess some things are beyond our control. The bff also met with an accident and is not doing well. Kiddo ranted that the accident wasn't his mistake and I know it wasn't, but then again there are many more factors. You might be a really good rider, speed controlled and following traffic rules, but the same cannot be said about the other riders. The road conditions are unpredictable too. I request you all to remember that life is very precious. Wounds hurt. It is better to be safe. Please promise yourself not to drink and drive - call a cab or ask someone who hasn't had a drink to drop you home. Please use seat belts and helmets. Please be safe.


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