Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 21 - Happiness is

Happiness is... flowers, petals, watercolors and hope!!

Participated in a 10 day lettering competition on Instagram!
Yesterday's word was HOPE!!
Reached home really late, followed by a cooking spree of soup and sweet corn salad and then dinner and then hot chocolate - as the hubby is down with cold (Yes!! man cold! true blue :D)
Then kept my hope high and started this at midnight and completed just minutes before the clock struck 12! Wohoo!! at least I participated in time. Hope I can do the rest of them! 
It is a giveaway guys.. and who doesn't like gifts..
Comment if you want to enter.. or just join us on Instagram @thecreativepaw

I was lettering and that too with a paint brush for the first time and am happy with how it turned out :)


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