Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How The Thackrey loss in my loss in the true sense!!

I wouldn't really comment about Mr BalSaheb Thackeray (one because I am not much into his works, so doesn't make sense to comment and two because I read what fate Shaheen and Rini had to face for posting a comment in a country which allows Freedom of Speech) . But what I'd really like to say is how it was my loss.

So, mum, K and me went cloth-shopping to Central. Had a quick KFC snack and headed to shopping, this was Saturday morning. Central wasn't an amazing experience. This was my second bad experience with Pune Central, Erandwane. By the time we reached home, we were totally exhausted. The cooking gas had ended the previous night and we were totally dependent on the restaurants for our food. And the next thing I know, Pune is closed. No, I completely agree, that a big respected leader passed away and there were chances of violence, but what I dint understand was why! Whom were people going to fight? GOD?

To sum it all up, we were left with no food and no cooking gas. And my mum is an anaemic. We had a tough time, with no shops open, no restaurants working, no autos to commute and for that instance no medicals open... Not the same everywhere in Pune actually, but in my area, this was the scene. Saturday and Sunday looked like a huge effort. Monday morning saw mum draped in sweat with an aching body, her bp was low, like very very low. And then again, I live on the moon, so I dint get an auto to commute to the hospital. The only auto which was present did not agree to travel just a km to the hospital, though I was ready to pay his ten times the price (*eyes rolling*) Finally, we did get a rick and reached the hospital!!

But tell me is it worth the pain ? Just because a great person passed away, can we risk the other loved ones in our lives. I cannot tell you how afraid I was when I saw mum in that situation and couldn't get an auto or a cab. God bless the Thackeray family and give them strength, God bless the police for maintaining decorum, but then again tell me is it worth to risk other lives?

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