Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surprise surprise!!

Yeeeeeeee… am so happy… could not contain my happiness, better to write it down here so that I do not giggle to myself every now and then. Before people start thinking I am struck by the laugh-to-yourself-bug, here is the BIG secret…

Finally, I got mum diamond earrings from Nirvana :) Yeee!! They are tiny, but they are beautiful! I absolutely love them, am dying to see her smile once she gets them.. I wanted to buy studs but ended up buying these.. they are so mesmerizing, will post a pic once I gift them to her…

And that’s not all – Got her a new cell phone – HTC Explorer :) So , we are now an HTC Family… Though she’ll have to learn how to use it but I guess that’s fine :) Ye ye ye ye…. Shit, I am giggling again to myself as I write this :P But I am so happy :)

And yes bought a sexy sweatshirt for K, peeped into the room to see him hugging his sweatshirt… Cannot tell you how happy that makes me.. Gives me all the more reasons to smile..

Thanks SS for shopping along with me, hope you liked your gift too.. And yes, the dinner was awesome :) Loved the conversations we had after such a long long time....

And before you think I forgot myself (I am a selfish gal, you see), I ordered Shantaram – By Gregory Robert Davis after a strong recommendation by KB… (Here you go KB, now you surface on my blog :P) and it came with an awesome 38% discount!!

Waiting to see Mum happy … and hopefully Dad too!!


  1. Wow..such a sweet post!

    The joy of gifting is so beautiful specially when all that you see around are wonderful heartfelt smiles :)

    I could feel your excitement in your words!

    1. And I am sure your Mom and Dad will be happy beyond limits too :)

    2. I know gifting makes us so happy :)
      And it did make mum happy too...
      Happy Diwali to you PrivyTrifles!!


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