Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I dint talk to you, not to anyone in general until and unless I was sure we were friends - and people called it attitude. I had made this small comfort zone around me and preferred staying in it, my books , my dolls, my things - and people called me an introvert. I was tagged. I was some one who couldn't make friends, who couldn't trust people, who couldn't open up and talk, who wasn't a nice company to people who dint know me, who wasn't fun, who was always in a world of her own. Everybody mocked at me, comparing me to people, telling me to do this and do that, be like her and learn from him , but nobody rejoiced in what I was. I was forced to leave my comfortable cocoon I had spun around myself and open up, talk, live as you'd term it. But little did you know what I termed "LIFE" as.... and I did... for you and you and you... all of you whom I love.. I changed

Now I talk to all of you, be with you like you, behave the way you'd love to... somethings I like doing some I have started liking for you... but then you don't leave me there either. I talk and you say I talk a lot. I make friends and you say I cannot draw lines. I adjust and be comfortable in what so ever I have and you say I don't have self esteem. I try being what you want and you say I lack individuality...

But what you don't know is.. the real me.. do you? Don't bind me in shackles under the name of love,friendship,relationships.... they don't work for me anymore... For what importance is a relationship which bring tears to my eyes and makes me feel inferior. What happiness can such a relation bring which needs every word to be thought off before spoken and what promises would a future hold where I wouldn't be ME.. Don't catch me this tight, I'll fly away... Let me be me... whether in a cocoon or like a butterfly, its my life..

You hold me in between the two arms of a scissors, it hurts this way and that way too... don't do this.. you don't know what you'd loose.... And yes I am proud to say this, you wouldn't get someone like me.. Try your luck... All the best!!

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