Friday, November 23, 2012

I am so happy

Yeyeye... I feel like dancing and singing out loud, painting the town red.. or may be blue ;)

And I have so many reasons to do so...

One, I had an awesome start of the day, with the perfect time to read my daily news and my daily dose of music,"angrezi beat,radha..." and the likes gave me an awesome start.

Two,it wasn't really cold today morning and I had an awesome time enjoying the cold breeze while coming to office.. And then perfect Latte made me happier.. though I had to throw away the second cup, don't know why I thought I can drink two or maybe I got it for some one else (*eyes rolling*)

Three, I spoke to PS today and SP day before and SN the day before that day :) :) And it brought back memories, memories of those two years we spent together... SP,PS,SN,SK and me studied together for our 11th and 12th standards, and it was the perfect "GALS ONLY" time we had. Sorrows, happiness, food , studies , gossips... we had an awesome time in college but then our paths separated. The usual talk-everyday schedule was replaced by facebook messages and then even the messages ended. So today, we spoke after like 7 years.. SP,PS and SN got married... OMG !! I missed one of the most important days of their lives :( But none the less, it was fun talking to all of them.. We are planning to meet.. yeeyeeyee

I am so happy I am gonna see them after so so long :)

And like I always talk about God's plan B to make me sad each time I am happy, I had a bad bad fight with one of my loved one today.. SS, I am sorry, I dint mean to be rude... but you know I get irritated so fast.. I am so so sorry :( Hope I can make up to what I did to u.. but then I hope you understand why I was angry... Hope you'd smile soon and be your normal self !!

But for now, I am going to paint the town blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Happy holidaying people :)

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