Thursday, November 22, 2012

My take on things..

A lot has been happening around us over the last two weeks. Loosing one of the most powerful politicians, the paranoia of Shiv Sainiks over dragging two "FREE" citizens over them expressing their opinions on their personal profiles and the hanging of Kasab. Every incident in itself made me ponder and debate about what I think about all of it, how would it affect me voicing my opinion, what other people think about what happened and how will these things affect us in the broader picture called "Life".

I already expressed how the closing down of Pune hampered my life for a couple of days. I am overwhelmed with grief for the loss of a loved one a family faces, but the same fear gripped me that day, the fear of loss!! A life is a life and is more precious than anything else. So when over a couple of hours, Pune and Mumbai were closed, the lives of a millions were affected. I don't think a people's leader would bear his own people being troubled and tortured like this for something as basic as food, medicines and commutation. I personally don't know much about him nor his way of ruling, all I know is what was portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar , though now I know he played a real big part in our politics, given the national cremation offered,draped in the Indian Tricolor. Again a novice that I am, I thought the honour was for people who sacrificed their lives for the country. Yet again, I may be wrong as I don't know about it.

And more soever I am afraid, given what happened to girls who expressed their opinions on a social networking site, I don't know what fate would show me.I mean, we know Bal Thackeray for his ferociousness, for his voicing of his opinions, for his cartoons speaking out loud, and isn't that what Shaheen did. She wrote what she felt.Then why break up her uncle's clinic? Why when its not allowed by law were two girls taken to the police stations in hours when they weren't supposed to, why were their families locked up in their houses, so they couldn't reach their girls in need? Why? I have no idea what emotional trauma they must have been going through!! All I know is it's bad,embarrassing and unexpected. And no, I don't have any grudges against the policemen who arrested them. Who doesn't know that Shiv Sainiks know how to get things their way.. If not the police, they would have had their options B and C ready... So when the police was worried about maintaining decorum, closing down the normal life,handling lakhs who wanted to give homage to their beloved leader, here two girls were dragged into negative light.. and became history. Aren't there any more important issues to be handled?

I know the loss of a loved one. A life is a life and how ever it ends , the loss is irreplaceable. I don't know how life will change after giving Kasab a painful death.It cannot for sure bring back the loved ones we lost, it cannot guarantee that hence forth such things won't re-occur, what does it guarantee then? What does it change then? For me, just two things are clear,one, that things can happen secretly and two, at the end of day what I read in my history text books long back is true, our President does have a say! I entirely stand with the ones who lost their loved ones, but what did we do now by hanging Kasab, killed a son? Isn't this a loss too for his family in their own ways. Yes he was wrong, entirely wrong in what he did... but we all know how he was turned into a deadly terrorist from the cute teenager he must have been once upon a time. He did not have parents as supporting as we had, he didn't have environment for his mind to grow positively, he didn't have someone to take him back home and tell him what he was doing was wrong. And for that instance, when Kasab was hanged a hundred more of his kind would have vouched and resolved against us to take revenge!!

Perplexed about the incidences and their occurrences!! What's your say?

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