Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pune Central woes..

Remember my post on the diamond earrings I gifted to mum this Diwali. Unfortunately, inexperience showed up. I bought rings and they were small for mum. I had to get them replaced , which I did, but very unsatisfactorily. It was supposed to be a 100% exchange for a month's time. But they just did not having any other piece of jewellery with a cost near my earrings. So, either I had to pay around 7-8k extra , which I dint afford to do, or end up bearing a loss of the difference in the cost. I mean, how is that a policy, if they don't have any items in the same price range, why should I bear the loss ? After a lot of discussion, they agreed to give me a kiddy watch which costed the difference amount. Now , there is not kid in my house and even if there was one, I cannot imagine gifting an ugly, plastic pale blue watch to them even it is selling under a "BRAND NAME". So I ended up exchanging the earrings and bearing the loss... Awful !!

And this is not enough, next day when I went shopping with mum and K, we were waiting for the billing. K's sweatshirt did not have a barcode. Now, in usual times, they called the sales person from that particular brand and asked them the price, but this particular day, the cash counter guy told me very rudely that I'd have to bill it on the floor I bought it..There was no rush, we were the only ones standing at the counter and I dont have an answer for this rude behavior. When I asked him about it,he said he dint know the number and then dint know the name of the sales person, oh, come one.. atleast come up with an acceptable excuse!! A large size carry bag was enough for the clothes, but again he said he dint have medium and large sizes. Now a large sized thing costs 7 rs and a small sized 3 rs , which meant atleast buying 4 carry bags, which I dint obviously!! And now comes the catch, when I checked the bill, I was billed a whooping 2500/- extra for some levis jeans which I dint buy... and then they kept me waiting for another 30 mins to reimburse the amount.... Bad times!!! I am not going back to Pune Central again :(

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