Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who do you think you are??

Who do you think you are,

yes you, who thinks I am a good-for-nothing,
and you, who thinks that I should get married now, even though I don't wish too,
and you, who talks to me only when you need help,
and you, who thinks just because I am nice and I am talking to you, I am not a "good gal", not that I care how you define a "good gal",
and you, who thinks just because I have been living in a city,away from my parents, I would have slept with almost all the guys I know,
and of course you, who thinks I don't know what kind of clothes I should wear, just because you cannot carry yourself properly, you think you can say that to me?
and you, who thinks I shouldn't talk to guys
and you, who gleefully crushes my love under your feet like it were a cigarette butt
and you, who thinks I am option, you can reach me when you don't have any one else
and you, who has a problem with my attitude, it is my own, why do you have to bother..
Yes, all of you.. who sometimes overpower my feelings and thoughts and make me go weak...
Remember that I may be weak sometimes, but I haven't quit and I will never!!

The song in my mind and on my iPod -

"Tum mera haath chhod ke agar jana chaho to, jaa sakte ho
Saath rah ke agar mujh pe taras khana chaho to ,jaa sakte ho
Ye na socho ke tum bin mera kya hoga
Sach to ye hai ke jo hoga achha hoga
Mai hun kamjor tum ye mujhko samjhana chaho , to jaa sakte ho."

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