Monday, January 1, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 1 - 2017 Realizations!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks to Ani , I am taking part in Blogathon 2018.. I have just finished writing for the last 31 days, I faulted twice, but eventually came back on track. I blogged about happiness and thanks to the #31DaysOfHappiness, I searched for at least one happy thing everyday..

Wish I will be able to keep it up for Blogathon 2018 too and write one post everyday...
Do hop in!

I have had realizations and graying hair. So, for today I am going to write about what I am going to take ahead in 2018 and what I am going to leave behind with 2017.

1. Love and respect myself
I am going to love and respect myself more and more. I have realized that I must love myself the most, because if I do not, then it is easier for others to make me for a ride. I love a lot and I love everybody, but the same doesn't come back to me. Often, I get hurt due to this. I start giving so much importance to others, that I tend to ignore my needs and desires. I have decided to stop this.

2. More TLC to myself
I am going to show myself some more TLC. I have been such an ignorant brat this year - only 2 salon visits - once for eyebrows and once for haircut. Compare this to the older me, who'd treat my hair to luxurious spa sessions and skin to awesome massages. No wonder I have graying hair and awful skin now. 

3. Surprise and gift myself
Given that I'd buy myself novels, soft-toys and stationary every now and then, I am surprised that I did not do so since a long time. But since the last 3 months, I have started again and let me tell you it feels so good. I love the things I buy and when the parcels come, I feel so happy. I play my own Secret Santa, and why shouldn't I?

4. Keep my hobbies alive and learn new crafts - for now it is crafting and water color painting. Draw/paint/make something new everyday as this makes me feel more lively than ever

5.Try being more happy. Avoid negativity. Avoid relationships that hurt
Words, actions and people have hurt me a lot. Some relationships have changed so bad that I wouldn't want to look bad. There were times when I haven't been wrong at all. I have been taken advantage of. People really close to my heart have hurt me so much that I find it difficult to even be in the same company. And I do not want to go back. I am going to avoid all the negativity and hurt. I have been depressed to a level where all I wanted was solitude. So, I am going to close my eyes to such people, no matter what the relationship. I am going to talk less about them, as even remembering brings back the hurt.
What have you guys decided to do?

My Secret Santa gifts!!
On a side note, we had a fun Secret Santa at office. I have joined a new team and it was a great time to get to know my colleagues. We played some games and exchanged gifts.. and I got not one but two novels. Both the novels are new for me and I am waiting to finish the current novel I am reading so that I can read the new ones!


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