Monday, January 8, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 7 - Chewing gum !!

Do you like chewing gum? Do you remember chewing the nice juicy stuff and blowing the bubble gum in a balloon and competing with your cousins and siblings? I do!

Today morning, when the hubby and me were driving to office, we chewed on the Wrigley's Spearmint. And in no time, the hubby made a balloon and blew it off. And just like that I followed. The bad part was it stuck to my lipstick laden lips :D And then we got talking - about chewing gums..

We spoke about the yummy chiclets. I just loved the taste and could gobble up multiple at a time and then blow out balloons. Candies and chewing gums weren't entertained in the family, so, we had to wait for either Rakhi or pocket money to get our hands on them, but when we did - it was so much fun for the tongue.

The conversation then moved on to Boomers and Big Babol. I love the fruity taste and the fabulous balloons you could make. Chew two of them and bigger balloons to burst. And of course the tattoos that came free with these chewing gums. We were allowed to get them when we went to picnics or during school holidays. That was life!!
I don't know if we get these anymore in the market, but today after office I am gonna try and get my hands on this tasty sticky mess and blow bigger balloons and burst them. Who cares about the lipstick!!

 Do you like chewing gums too?

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