Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 2 - What I have been upto today!

Sometimes I am at a loss of words, I do not know what to write about. Today is one of such days. I have been blog hopping since morning trying to find something I can write about. I read some really good posts, but I still do not know what to write.

I took part on a lettering competition on Instagram and here is my entry for day 9 -

You can find me on instagram by the handle @thecreativepaw.

We came early from office today. The situation was a bit tense as there had been riots a day or two ago. The stakeholders are planning to call for a strike today. No cabs were available and there were rumors of more riots. I find such things very disturbing. The common man suffers. Many of my colleagues had to rush home to get their kids from their day cares. Cabs weren't readily available. A couple of years back, the hubby and I were returning from a dinner party and riots broke. It was one of the worst days of my life where I actually feared for our lives. We were half way home when we encountered a lot of people barricading the highway. It looked like a road accident,so we proceeded cautiously, only to be pelted with stones. The men had iron roads and they tried their level best to hit our car. Among all the chaos and increased heart beats, the hubby drove in reverse on the highway for more than a kilometer. The other roads were also closed and we had to find refuge at a friend's place. The journey back to their place was also difficult, with us having to check all the turns and be safe. I understand that there is anger in people but disrupting everyday life and hurting people is no answer to anything. How does any problem get solved by pelting stones or burning vehicles? We all dread such situations, but I really do not know what to do except to try and be safe.
Please be safe.


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