Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 31 - Happiness is...

Happiness is.. walking down the memory lane..

This has been an eventful year, on both the professional and private fronts for me. So, it feels good to be here in my blankie in front of the television sipping some hot soup with yummy bread sticks.. and do nothing.. As I walk down the lane, I am happy that I took up drawing, reading and writing once again. The hubby always spoke about not getting enough-of-his-space and I did not understand why did he feel so. Now as I look back at all my hobbies I have taken up again, I see how relaxed we are and in a better space in terms of our relationship. I realize that I was trying to do so much for him and so less for myself that I ended up entering his personal space. This hurt not only our relationship but also me as a person. I gave up reading, gave up writing, no painting, no new hobbies, my plants were ignored.. But the last year, I tried catching on... I spent some dedicated time on myself, be it the gym or the clay art.. I happily doodled and explored water colors. I do not know if I can carve a future out of my hobbies, capitalize them, but I do know that they give me a pleasure beyond words and are a big stress buster. I am happy that I stopped to smell roses, took the vacations I wanted and explored crafts I hadn't earlier. I got myself some really cute soft toys and read novels from some really good authors. We even got me a book rack to store my treasure. I had a stationary shopping spree and I am happy with what I collected. So, now that I sit back and contemplate I am happy about 2017 and hope for an even better 2018!

How was your last year?



  1. Happy new year to you! Having me time is so important and I realized it big time a couple years back. Glad that you were able to catch on to that precious time for yourself.

    1. Happy New Year Keirthana.. True indeed.. Gives me immense happiness and preps me for what is ahead.. Thanks for stopping by :)


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