Thursday, January 18, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 17 - A red eye...

If you read my earlier blog posts, you'd know that at my work-space we sit in a pod structure, which is basically a round room with two round tables and we sit across each other. There are no fixed cubes or cabins and this supposedly supports better communication, which might be true - but I haven't just accustomed myself to the space. I find it difficult to look for a space to keep my laptop bag and my purse. While the bag can sit on the floor, I do not feel like placing my purse with it. The open cupboard gets direct sunlight and on day one, I had a mascara bleeding in my bag. Well, this is not the only issue - I find it weird to munch on nuts and/or fruits in front of everybody.. But the thing which has taken a heavy toll on me is the health issue. Now when you sit in such a close proximity to other people, you are more prone to the cough and cold bugs. We saw a drastic temperature rise since last week and almost everybody is under the weather. We had a lunch party recently and the number of unwell team mates has gone up. There were only a few exceptions and I was one of them - till yesterday. I have been doing really unwell since afternoon. I have really small eyes and to add to it (or should I say subtract!), my right eye has become smaller, swollen and is super red. And the thing is the eye is not painful but the right side of my head is paining. I hope I do not catch any bugs!!


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