Friday, January 12, 2018

Blogathon 2018 - Day 12 - Guess what I got in the mail today!!

This is what I got in the mail today -

I am happily hopping onto this new year with doodle-o-bong :)

If you read my blog, you'd know that for the first time I took part in a 10-day lettering competition on Instagram hosted by the immensely talented doodle-o-bong. She'd give us a beautifully written word or sentence, one for each day and then I'd try my best to letter it nicely. And I cannot tell you how much I loved it - first and foremost I had something to look forward to everyday after office. I'd rush home, wrap up my chores and then quickly check Instagram. Once I got the word/sentence, I'd wear my thinking hat to plan how to execute... The second best thing to happen to me was water colors - I finally used them and the end product amazed me. It is good and encouraging to know that you can do something. I am grateful to doodle-o-bong who sent me this superb calendar as a gift and with a personal message...  I love adding a personal touch to things... and love it even more when someone does it for me..

The calendar has space for writing or doodling on the backside. See how cute the font is!!

All the month pages are beautiful, have a look at March -

And here is my giraffe, guarding the calendar on my desk -

Thank you doodle-o-bong!! You rock gurl :)
Over and out - need to adore my cute calendar!!


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