Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 30 - Happiness is...

Happiness is.... the kiddo feeling better!!

So we were super tensed and confused when kiddo's bike skid on the road. He had multiple injuries and it was really terrifying. We went to an orthopedic at the earliest as his shoulder hurt a lot and he had a feeling that it was on the verge of a dislocation. The assistant cleaned his wounds and the doctor took care of the shoulder. An x-ray done and he was given a plethora of medicines and a shoulder immobilizer and subscribed to three weeks of physiotherapy. He was in too much pain and the clinic was too far away, so we thought of not going for a physiotherapy that same day. We saw an ophthalmologist for his eye injury and she said it was fine, it would heal and we have a follow up in another weeks time. That sorted, we wanted to take a second opinion on his wounds and the physiotherapy part. There is a doctor in the same apartment and he offered to come home to check on his injuries. He said they were healing and relieved us of half of our stress. Thankfully, a search of practo and an orthopedic appointment later we were more than relieved. He said that the kiddo did not need any physiotherapy, he needs rest for the shoulder and suggested some movement for the right hand as the injuries are on the joints. The doctor was good... he spoke calming words and boosted up kiddo's spirits. We came home happy and relieved. The kiddo is doing better now. Thank you for all your prayers..

Please please wear your helmets when you ride, no matter how near or far you are to go to. You might be a really good rider but the same cannot be said about other people on the road as well as the road conditions! So please be safe. Life is really precious. Wounds hurt, no matter what age you are.
Strap your seat belts on, do not drink and drive.. Be safe than being sorry!!



  1. Sound advice for two wheeler riders. Wish you a great year ahead.

    1. Yes indeed... Safety first.
      Wish you a great year ahead too.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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