Tuesday, June 26, 2012


          I remember when I was a kid , how attached I was with my parents. Even my sibling looked like an invasion on my territory. When finally he became a part of my territory, I behaved as if I owned him. He was not supposed to play with anyone else but me. So, when I had my male cousins come over, I had a tough time sharing him with them.Then times changed.School made me attached to my friends. We wanted to be with each other all the time. She and I shared almost all our times together.When we got our bicycles, I'd end at her place everyday after school or vice versa. Higher studies changed everything. I realised there was no place for attachment with friends. Everybody had a busy life. Then came the boy friend phase.Everybody I knew had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. So, they'd always be busy.. Strange my soul cried out !!
         Today when I stand and look back, I know I have friends, some real good ones but dont know why everybody seems to be busy with their lives, marriages, boy friends, fiancees, husbands... I know I can call some of them anytime I am unhappy or tensed, but I know that may be disturbing. LOLZ :P  Now I know why they call "THIS" age, the perfect age to get married. I believe even I should get married now or loneliness can kill. Don't know where my self-made,self-written philosophies of being single and happy and independent disappear!!!  Never really understood why we were taught that "Man is a social animal" until now.. You cannot live without an attachment can you?

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