Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Monsoons !!

          I tugged my warm sheets and turned my alarm off. Looked outside the window,loved seeing the chirping birds and the coconut trees, fresh and moist from the drizzle last night. (Did I tell you, the view is awesome from my bedroom window. Coconut trees and a variety of birds plus a spring flowing at some distance, picture perfect)
         As I moved out of bed and readied myself for my morning walk, it started drizzling. By the time I was tying my shoe laces, it was pouring (*sigh*) Then started the heap of questions --
Should I venture out?
What if it pours heavily?
Where is my umbrella, oh do I have one?
Where will I buy an umbrella from, you know the transparent one with polka dots or the pink one with lace attached to its edges?
Brushing away the questions, I finally stepped out. I'd always loved rains, so today was no exception. I let my hair down as the tiny drops played with my skin. Loved the feeling. First rains,sweet morning and Alexis Jordan singing " time I found myself in happiness with you.." on my music player, perfect !! And so I really did venture out for my daily walk. The drizzling partially soaked my clothes, but it was fun. The roads were almost empty, the plants were dancing in the rain and so was my heart..

                                                          HAPPY MONSOONS!!

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