Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So when her husband passed away, she was left with little clothing choices. This world is not good with widows. If a man's wife passes away, the world forces him to remarry, but its a different story for the widow.She is not supposed to be associated with any color. So good bye colored clothes and welcome whites!! I really dont understand this. Was his death as a consequence of something she did? Isn't it God's will entirely? When we follow our traditional manuscripts, don't they read that life and death are not in a human's hand? Aren't we just supposed to be puppets in the hands of God? Then why the attrocities? What confused me more is that while Christians wear white during weddings, they consider it lucky ,sacred and as a sign of joy, then why does the Hindu culture believe in widows wearing whites and vice versa?
            Personally talking, I love my whites. I have white shirts , tees and kurtis in every form, white with red, white with blue, pure whites... and I absolutely love them. I dont think they are any form of a pain indicator nor should they be regarded as one. I love when I hand wash my fantastic white clothes and put them to dry. I love seeing them. I love the way they soothe my eyes and calm my soul. When I wear them I feel positive and good like the way I feel when I wear the other colors too... So I dont know why is any color for instance supposed to be related with sorrow?? Why? Lets let it be a person's personal choice as to what or what not he/she is supposed to wear.

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