Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter to a friend

       She is my new found friend. Dont know how, but she has all the patience in the world to hear me blabbering about everything and anything whenever I want to. Maybe I can credit that to her managing her job, her smart blog, her Twins , her family, her love for reading... etc etc So, today when she has gone for a holiday, she has long been waiting for.. I am missing her..
 I hope you are having a fantastic time with BF and the twins.Here are some updates. Our money plants (all three of them) have baby leaves, which are growing fast and nice,glowing with the light and dancing with the AC. I have kept them together, so they dont feel your absence. I give them a nice bath and let them enjoy the sun for some time. The crane which we can see from our cube window still clenches the huge cement block. Dont know why it is up there!! Our cube has once again become boring for me, without you.. I made many flowers - carnations, lilies etc.. Will show you when you come back.I had a bad bad time last evening. I was wearing chappals to office, tacky chappals. Was praying to God to get me a rick back home, which I dint get. Foolishly I bought a watermelon and had to carry the load along when I walked home in my chappals. My feet are still sore :( And to make it worse, there was this group of guys on mopeds, were with me right from Mhatre bridge.. followed me home. I
could hear their cheap talks and comments. For once , I wanted to turn back and shout, but I dint. I felt very uneasy and insecure. I was scared.
       Yesterday, the promotion letters were rolled out. And everybody in the world except me gets promoted :'(. I dint want that to affect me, but it did. It hit me right in the heart and I felt like crying. I tried remembering all those quotes about patience and strength and failure being the stepping stone to success, but some how it doesnt really help... Am feeling so bad and helpless. I deserved it!!
        Anyways,now am off to sleep. Its just 10:00 pm but I gotta sleep. My thoughts are scattered like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and I am not in a mood to sort them, so better give myself that precious sleep. Good night. This is Dipi signing off for tonight..

And as expected I dint sleep. Its 12:30 am, I just started weaving a paper basket, hope it looks good!!

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