Saturday, June 9, 2012

Of broken trust and bleeding lips – her part of the story

Disclaimer :- This is just a story. Please do not relate it to me or anyone related to me.

                Love shows world in a different hue, or so she thought. Why else would shopping mean buying stuff for him, getting ready mean wearing clothes he loved to see her in, weekends mean staying by his side, friends mean his friends coz she dint have time to make her own and the likes. She saw herself -living and growing in him, for him and with him. Independent and living-life-at-her-own-terms, her parents were confused at the transformation, but what mattered was she was happy!! Happiness in itself has so many meanings, so when even the smell of washed clothes or the stroke of a paint brush would bring her happiness, now it was him who meant happiness to her. Not a different scenario though in the wide world where one can constantly hear of “Love stories” in every nook and corner. She dint want her love story to be very famous. She just wanted it to be successful… but it’s not life if it’s not tipsy turvy.

                So whenever they had fights, no matter who was wrong, she was the first one to rush with an apology. She was living in a fairy tale world. All stories she had read as a kid, she must have related it to herself. His getting angry on small things, mood swings, hurting her with words or hands really did not shake her belief in love, coz she just wanted to bring in to a perfect ending…  “And then they lived happily ever after…”  She knew he was not a bad person or she wouldn’t really be going bananas for him. And he was not. Each time he spoke to her rudely or hit her, he’d be sorry with all his heart. They had memories - good and bad. But as always the good memories outdid the bad ones. So, when he slipped that beautiful ring in her fingers on a cloudy morning, she felt like a princess. There was nothing else she could have asked for.
                Then, he goes away to a far off land, for work. He doesn’t want to but has to. They know it’s a tough time and tough times don’t last. Life is a mess without each other, but they are tough people. She tries to make friends, tries to get back to be the girl, she was. The girl he had loved once upon a time. She knew she had changed a lot. She tries every second to be the girl he loved. He gets an opportunity to leave that far off land and come back to her and that’s what he does. Her happiness knows no bounds. Then one fine night they fight, fight for reasons unknown to both. She makes up by saying sorry. She doesn’t know why but this time she is hurt. The fight involved ugly words for her; she never knew he could say them. He accused her of being with someone else. How could he? Broken trust…
                Maybe her ‘sorry’ isn’t worth anything anymore and the fight stretches beyond hours and days. New Years Eve is near. As they gear up, she is puzzled between going to her loved ones back home and being with him. How much she wanted everyone to be together!! One evening when she comes back from office, he is in bad mood. He fights with her, she doesn’t know what for. She is back to her old self saying sorry for anything and everything that must have gone wrong. But he has already geared up a lot of bad feelings against her. Physical harm and emotional torture, she cannot take it in. As blood trickles down her lips, she doesn’t understand what and what not to do. Her back hurts and so does her neck. All the parts he was possessive about are hurt. More is the emotional hurt. He sits back and cries over what he has done to her, her – whom he loved so much, more than anyone else in life. He doesn’t want to live this life of shame and tries to hurt himself. He doesn’t really understand that although she is experiencing pain, this pain is too much for her to handle. How can she see him being hurt? Her heart gives up the fight. She knows the pain is because of her. This is it, she decides. And the beautiful relation ends, for her. All her dreams shatter like glass and whatever he does or says, whatever she thinks and wants to say hold no stand. The harm is done. Her fairy tale has ended and it’s not a happy ending... And yet it’s the end.

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