Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Fathers Day !!

As I busy myself; indulging in each and every activity so that I wouldn’t remember what I usually did on this special day, I reach a void, a blank state where I know I can’t control my tears. And this time I don’t. It’s better to let them flow. Dad, happy Father’s day!! We know how much of happiness this day always brought us. Long before I could Google for father’s day gifts, cards, this, and that, I always tried making this day special. The smile on your face and the warmth in your voice made me feel my efforts dint go unrecognized...

So today when I walk down the memory lane, I wanna tell you how much I love you, how much I wanted to be like you, how much I loved being with you. I loved the way you kept this line of difference between the business and your life with us. Though this gave us very less time together, but those times were fantastic. I am lucky to have grown with you to idolize. I loved the way you diplomatically handled people. I really adore your art, the drawings, the sketches, the fancy dress costumes... Mum says my hands resemble yours, I can’t tell you how happy and proud it makes me feel. I loved the times when we went on our ice-cream eating spree and I really cannot forget the weird expression on your face when we had our first pan pizza at Pizza Hut. Though I never told you, but I cried with you when granny passed away. That was the only time I saw you cry and then my tears won’t just stop. I loved our cooking times together; don’t know how you got all the spices right for my oh-so-favorite-dal-tadka. I miss being your assistant in kitchen when we let mummy have her day off.

Surprise surprise Dad, now I have my own assistant in kitchen - kiddy assists me like i assisted you. Kiddy has grown to be a handsome young man, sometimes I think I shouldn't call him kiddy but each time I look at him I feel like he'z still a baby -remember the one who cried when he had to wear a bow over his suit. Mum has changed a lot... you'd know better... I can keep you updating and filling up the space, but you know everything better than me..

I love you and miss you... Sometimes absent mindedly call your number expecting you to reply, though I know the number doesn’t exist...

Happy Father's Day!!

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