Monday, June 4, 2012

Stand and stare, literally!!

"What is this life full of care,

we have no time to stand and stare"

I think we have taken William Davies way too seriously when he penned the above lines. So now when we see an accident or something wrong happening in front of our eyes, we just STAND and STARE and then move on. Its not uncommon to see people flocked around an accident spot but what terrrifies me is that they just stand,stare and do nothing to help.When faced with similar situations,we'd expect good samaritans , so why not be one when others would expect the same.

       And its not just accidents, I am talking about. We see violence around us and we do nothing about it. The other day when I was strolling in my gallery, I saw a group of guys badly hitting another guy. The herd had hockey sticks, belts, what and what not's. And there was a huge crowd around there, a lot of my society members, the security guards, but no one actually did anything to save him. Maybe he was wrong , so what? Beat him to death!! I then called the police.Fortunately they came in pretty quick and spared the teenager the torture.

        So please people, next time you see something wrong, don't just stand. Do something.

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