Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MaGiCaL mOmEnTs..

When mum appreciates your handwriting
When dad calls you his princess
When your sibling stands by your side when your parents scold you
When that cute guy smiles at you
When your teacher praises you
When your school principal adores you
When someone you adore says they adore you too
When the first petal of your new money plant pops up
When you get a haircut and it turns out to be really good
When you wear that old pair of jean and it fits
When your puppy comes running to you as soon as you come home tired after office
When your friends remember your birthday
When you get a fat discount on the Nina Ricci perfume you'd been dying to buy
When you go shopping and get every item on your list
When a song is dedicated to you
When your secret admirer secretly keeps a chocolate at your desk
When you get a 10/10 in your Maths test
When you sing a song you love after ages and still remember the words
When you really can't sleep and find that there's atleast one friend in your chat list who is available to chat
When you make a paper flower and it turns out to be very beautiful
When you draw a beautiful cartoon
When someone says "I love you" to you
When you win a cooking competition
When you laugh till your stomach aches
When you eat a complete bar of cadbury
When you see that song you've been dying for on youtube
When you just start walking home from office and its drizzling
When you get up in the morning to be wished with a bunch of roses
When someone compliments from their heart
When your nail paint looks real nice
When you relish a "Devil's own" at CCD
When your cell rings and you love the ring tone
When you gift your mum a diamond pendant
When you get to talk on the radio
When you try a new ice cream flavour and it turns out to be really yummy
When your pasta has loads of cheese
When you eat a whole watermelon
When you peel grapes before eating them
When you surprise mum and dad with bed tea
When you win the debate competition
When you win the "Best Personality" award at a personality development course
When you wear the mascara for the first time and it looks perfect
When you gobble the last of the cheese popcorn in your popcorn tub
When you are enumerating magical moments and the list doesn't just end but time falls short.....

Life is so full of MaGiCaL mOmEnTs...
May God bless everyone with millions and zillions of these!!


  1. Happy to see this dear siso.... just be happy always :) love you

  2. You too baby :)
    Love you too :)


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