Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Appraisals – Is it about appreciating work or personal barriers ?

Aren’t appraisals meant to appreciate you for the work you have put in. Aren’t they supposed to be telling you where you stand, what you are capable of doing and where you lack. They why is it that , appraisal times reduce to managers taking out their personal anger on employees?
I had this real tough previous year, where in I toiled hard and I know I did. I cant fool myself, I know how much efforts I had put in but  all it took for my manager was to write “As Expected” everywhere and then give me a bad C band(A being the best). He had cited examples where he thought I had gone wrong, written that I cant create test documents, cant do integration testing (well!! I am not a tester. I am a developer, was I expected to do this??)When you don’t find issues with the code I have written, then you write such futile things to pull be down. What was also compiled in my performance diary was that I take phone calls at my desk, now which rules says we cant and for that instance I don’t remember the last time I took a call on my desk for more than 2 minutes ( Maggi also doesn’t get cooked in 2 mins, so what problem did he have) He has a problem when my friends come to my desk, dude take a chill pill !! When I do my work on time, deliver quality code, I don’t give you any rights what so ever to talk about my personal life. You know why it is called as personal, so that others (and especially you) don’t have a right to mess with it.
                To hell with you and your appraisal, I respected you as a person , for the awesome technical skills you have, which I still do.. But looking at what you think about me (and the others for whom you have written equally bad or even worse appraisals) , I don’t give you any rights to judge me.. So you can continue your bad will and I will continue my work as I want to do it.. my way.. my life.. You can keep the appraisal, I’ll keep my self respect

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