Tuesday, May 22, 2012


a.      The Om chanter
Before my 5:45 am alarm starts irritating me, he calls up to God. As if talking on some remote STD connection like we did in those days of landline phones, when shouting out loud was a necessity for people to hear you, he chants the oh so charming “Ommmmmmmmmmmm..” The only difference being he sounds as if calling God by His name, angry that his mum woke him up so early. He seems to awaken God from his sleep... How can God sleep, if I can’t? I have never seen him but he sounds in his pre-teens has that shrieking voice which wakes me with a startle. Though it’s been a couple of months of his revenge on God, but every morning he still startles me!
So, that’s my “Om chanter” friend for you people. Do not know his name, must have seen him sometime when I return from office and see the kids playing... Cannot make out which one is the “ONE” Thanks for being my alarm clock!
b.      The guy next door
Pune has seen many rickshaw strikes for a couple of months now, first the insurance issue followed by the tax they pay followed by the electric meters and the likes. So don’t feel strange if one sunny morning, when you get up late, have a nice body ache from the rigorous exercise you did yesterday evening, wore your sandals to work as you are already late and don’t wanna waste time tying laces and you don’t get the auto *fuming with anger*. In addition, the worst part being you had, a day earlier, informed all your friends about the rickshaw strike and you forget it yourself.
As I wearily picked up my legs to walk to the other rickshaw stand, there he was. He had just stepped out of an auto. He waved at me, which was our daily schedule whenever our paths crossed. I waved back. He kept the rickshaw waiting until I reached there. He informed me that the strike was going to start in some 15 odd minutes, so I’d rather rush to office. I thanked me, took the rick and reached office just in time... In addition, this incident repeated, coincidentally, every time there was a strike.
Now about my waving friends, he is the” guy next door”, literally. Uncle is the secretary of our society and has been a life saver each time there was no electricity or no water or no auto ;)

c.       The guy with the big eyes  and a  senseless mind
One of the strange incidents that I believe every girl has to face. Guys who’d just stare at you. Wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t smile just stare.. Don’t know why? I never understand the purpose behind. Am I too ugly or too beautiful, do I resemble a clown, what exactly?
So each time when I stretch my body ( read “Good exercises at work “ to stretch your body every 30 mins) I see him looking at me.. To avoid his big eyes( big and round , seem to pop out) I stretch opposite to where he sits. However, each time our paths cross, his stare continues. I visualize him like Noorie with a candle in his hand, singing “gunman hai koi”... Goose bumps…
Grow up dude!!
d.      The guy with the hair- dresser eyes
I am no actor; neither do I have a hairdresser dedicated to make my oh-not-so-perfect hair look nice every day. So when I come all messed up to office someday (read many days!!), he pings me and tells me ,”you are looking different today” . Yes right dude, when I am already having a bad hair today this is what I wanted to hear from you.
When I help myself with some hair accessories matching my attire, he has an eye on that too. So , before I am back from lunch to my desk, there he is with his comments (oh-so-cute or just right or even looking like a baby comments)
And on a good hair day (which is like a remote possibility) , his comments make me happy ;) Which gal doesn’t feel good on being complemented anyways!!
e.       The guy with the super sexy Range Rover
No, I do not know him, so do not ask me any more details. All I know is, he has this super sexy Range Rover, which I absolutely love. So when I am tired after a long day, cursing the rickshawala’s who don’t wanna drop me home because it’s out of their way(am I not paying for it!! *angry*), there he is resting his back on the black eyes princess. Wow, I love it... So forget the guy coz strangely enough (and mocking to my otherwise observant attitude) I dint even bother looking at him, coz I have my fill staring at the black baby!

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