Thursday, May 10, 2012


A girl's best friend and a woman's most prized possession (or so they say!!)
        Had an amazing time purchasing a pendant for mum. Wow, the glitterati looks amazing. Makes you feel loved. Checked out designs at Central, Orra and a couple of other stores. Gilli has some very beautiful pendants and earrings to offer. The cost was too high though!! Some of the designs were so delicate that actually had to strain my eyes to look at them properly. But the best part was they were diamonds, and they looked amazingly too good. I loved the feel when I touched them, loved myself when I tried them.
            "Remember the advertisement in which a mother takes her daughter to the store. She tries the bridal collection and is tempted to marry.. so true!! :P"

Finally, bought a cygnus pendant.. Hope mum likes it :)

P.S. Brands like Gili , Cygnus and Gitanjali have nice 20% discounts, so all you beautiful ladies... time to shop!!

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