Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012 3:41 am


3:41 am
        Seemingly different but not strange, I have not been able to sleep yet.. Continuous facebook logins have not made a difference as there is no one online. Hollowness is filling inside. One of those days when sleep just doesn’t come however much I try.. In the palace of illusions, Draupadi is caught between her strange untamed love for Karna and her rightful duty as a wife.. Feeling one with her. Such a true and confusing feeling!! They say or so I have read that everything is planned. God has already written down everything. We are just puppets dancing to His tunes. Why is life so confusing, it is actually a palace of illusions, don’t know if the doors and windows I see would actually set me free or are just dead ends or paths leading to wrong endings. Strange , if there is a path already written for me, better I get to know it before I do things strange enough for me to handle..
3:47 am
        Want to sleep, cannot sleep.
The window is open, the birds are chirping, the small lake behind my room is gently flowing. Returning to the “Palace of Illusions” as Shakuni and Yudhisthir play that last but one game which changed the world forever…. Hope sleep comes sooner than the Pandavas losing their dignity..


  1. so did you stay awake to see the dignity crushed? :P

    Such thoughts do come to one and all. However, Karna married to Draupadi is a weird thought. :)

    1. Hi Ajay,
      I did stay awake and read..
      Well I wouldn't really find it weird for Draupadi to marry Karan.. His description is perfect for a girl to marry.. But there were other plans


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