Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why do things matter even when we decide they wont affect us??

          I had a history of working late and working more than I could. That explains the 10 minute lunch breaks, skipped snacks, the multiplying kilos and added inches. But when such works goes unnoticed and unappreciated, really doesn't make you feel good.Strangely enough, I have no appraisal and no promotion, when I have worked as smart as I could and as hard as my mind and body permitted. And I know that its way better than most of the others. And no, I am not comparing..
         Its like that story of 3 kids. When they were given some work to do and they did it wrong - Kid A's teacher tells her the mistake and helps her correct it, Kid B's teacher just tells her that something is wrong and the kid tries working on it . As for the kid C , the teacher just makes a big red mark on her book and also gets angry. As time treads, kid A learns under the teacher's guidance and becomes a bright student, kid B is a mediocre one while C is just like she was... So, if you dont tell mistakes, dont tell ways to improve, dont appreciate, things really cannot work.
        While I know , I have a lot of pending work and the clock is already showing a 7:47 pm, I still dont feel motivated to work. How different it feels when you are motivated and happy about your work !! When I did feel happy (though never motivated *sigh*) about my work,but  zero appreciation and only bad words and negative feelings coupled with an awfully bad work environment cannot really help me..
        Time to call quits I believe, coz however much I work , however smartly, I know its not gonna work.. coz here "Manager" is the boss. So if you dont share a healthy relationship with them (though they might be of those typical types you wouldn't even talk to usually) forget that appraisal and promotion..
        So, as of now its Deepika signing off....
        Dont know why this is affecting me this much when I could already see it coming and had promised myself it wouldn't affect me... Anyways... maybe I am part of a masterpiece , bigger than this...


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