Monday, May 7, 2012

A peep in my life through my eyes…

Hello all you beautiful people!!
                Have been thinking for a while, or wait more than a while to start blogging.. Writing on pieces of paper really doesn’t help, neither does posting facebook statuses.. People just exaggerate and take it personally!! So after much ado, here comes my first blog…
As always you start writing and words seem extinct :P
                Had a wonderful wonderful evening.. My room, homemade coffee (Love Bru),”The palace of illusions” and mesmerizing music.. Should I ask for more?? Love yourself is my mantra for today.. Wear that beautiful black dress , pamper yourself, wear your favorite perfume.. for once get ready for yourself.. So, what if you are at home.. Live for yourself feels good..
P.S. – Venus stores have those beautiful crowns for sale. At 25 bucks per piece, wearing them makes you feel like a queen.. May sound kiddish, but get one. I just did.. Feels like Dad and Mum’s little girl.. Wowie!!

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