Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its really hard to be roommates with people if your suitcases are much better than theirs

It was a problem for me adjusting since the day I had shifted in. But as always I wanted to fight this and not give in.So, I kept up with her throwing clothes on my bed, using my things without informing me, wearing my favorite flip-flops when she had hers. What started bugging me was her nagging attitude – waking me up as she wasn’t sleepy, pulling me for a movie as she wanted to see it.. But it was fine as even I was free and dint have much work to do on weekends. What bothered me was the way she lived. Dirty clothes, dirty kitchen each time she cooked or even served cooked food in her plate, spilt milk each time she had tea, mummified vegetables and fruits in the fridge calling out to be thrown, over full garbage bags, soiled socks, dirty bathroom when she had a bath… yuck L
Tried cleaning initially but that gave her more wings, she knew I’d be there to fold her clothes she gladly spread all over our room and the hall, clean the kitchen and bath before I used them. But when it came to my personal life, I rebelled. She had a problem when ever I was on call, wanted to talk to me at the same time. She had a problem if I came home late.. Strange (If you have seen the movie room mate you’d know how it is when your roomie is so fussy and possessive about you)
Last night had this ugly fight with. She told she wanted to shift by next month, I informed the others about it as we’d have to get another roommate or else the rent would increase by bounds. She said I broke her trust. Really?? How big a secret is it to tell your room mates that you need to shift out? And don’t trust me , it really doesn’t matter to me.. That’s what I really want, for you to let me be.Atleast now I’ll have my earrings to myself(she asks me before wearing them but doesn’t ask me when she goes on a vacation of a month and takes them along), my books will be mine to study(has a problem when we study together if I solve more questions than she can).. Finally I’ll heave a relieving breath..
Thanks God… so truly said staying with roommates is hard if your suitcase is better than yours!!

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