Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A little girl

[Courtesy the internet.. not my own creation.. but love it]
A little girl full of a bunch of dreams,
Not worrying whether she’s dirty or clean,
Looking up to her dad who knows best,
She would never even think of him less.
A little girl with no worries and a perfect life,
Not having to make one sacrifice.
One day she is told her dad died.
She burst out into tears and asked God “Why?”
“Why did you take my Daddy away?”
“I didn’t even get to say good bye,
A part of me also died”
Living with the fact her Dad was gone was the hardest thing she could ever do.
But she had to grow up from being Daddy’s little girl..
But she’ll always be “Daddy’s little girl” deep inside
Because her Dad was one of a kind,
And the love for him will never stop,
And the bond they had will never be forgot,
But now she’s living through life,
And having a big sacrifice.

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