Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Born Lippy

The Mumbai moisture did little to moisten my over dry lips. As I opened my purse for the nth time to search for my lip balm. I cursed my choice of the purse, I mean why buy a purse with a single pocket. So difficult to search for things. After sulking at the thought and forcing out my sanitizer, scarf and wallet, I had my hands on my balm. Her highness – my raspberry lip balm ( Name :- Born Lippy Production house :- The Body Shop)lay peacefully in the purse.
                It is one of the most amazing lip balms. So all you beautiful gals , if you like a rich raspberry aroma lip balm which is delicious at the same time, this is your thing. Leaves a very mild pink shade on the lips and moisturizes them at the same time. So for all single gals, put it on and shout out loud, “Why should boys have all the fun!” . And for the not-single gals, treat for your partners :P
                As I opened the box, the rich aroma filled the car. As the gals dabbed on some lip balm, the guys had their senses tickling. Curious lads, as they are, thought they smelled hookah.. and so began the oh-so-boring-hookah-puran. All I did was sit mum and enjoy their imaginations running wild, searching for hookah parlors here and there.
                So all in all, it’s a treat for the senses.. Try it out!! I am already lovin it J

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