Friday, May 11, 2012


 You get then in all variants and sizes, all shades ans hues,all sizes and shapes. Each one of them variably different than the other.. But you love them however they are.. for who ever they are.. without expectations .. This is for all my friends. You make me feel special and I think I do too!! A big thanks to all of you for being there and hope we'd be together for all the years to come. A special thanks to some of my
special friends :-
 My radio friend - We started hanging together beacause of our love of music.. The only thing we talk about usually is the radio channel to hear too. And we absolutely love it. Whenever one of us is not around, the other feels lost selecting channels. We have our opinions of songs we love and songs we don't,
our disagreements if more than one good song is being played on the different channels and our coffee breaks when none of the channels are playing good songs!! What ever be the song, we have a great frequency match when it comes to music.. No doubt our ringtones play "boom boom boom para" (Song -
"Sham" Movie - Aisha) coincidentally !!
 My morning mail friend - We dont reallt talk with each other.. only work related. But for sure every morning I can expect a mail from him with a picture and some message. Initially, I just ignored but now a days I some how look forward to the mails, the pictures , the fonts :)
 My cute messages friend - This is one extreme case.. When this friend of mine messaged me for the first time, I was very angry. I had not shared my cell number so it was a surprise.Not that I still know from where he put his hands on my cell number!! I only get cute messages, good morning ones, good night ones, friends ones.. I cleared myself that I wouldn't be replying back and I don't.Sometimes I feel selfish, but I am really not in sending forwards to people.. But I still keep on getting them.. So if by mistake if I do send you a message of the forwards kind(once in a year possibility),you  know whom to thank :P
 My "Like on facebook" friends - What ever I write, how ever sad or how ever happy as my facebook status, any pic I post , I can expect them to like it. Sometimes, I feel stupid about the posts or the pics or the shares, but I know they are gonna like it :P Don't know if they bother to even see it or just press "LIKE" :P But no matter what, I know that they would and brings a smile to my face automatically :)
 So many more.. Can't enlist :)

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