Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day1

Yes go ahead and call me insane... Coz that's what I have been feeling like.. It's day 5 of the Blogathon 2015 and here is a foolish and insane girl writing her day 1 post... But I really gotta start today and now or else I'll never start...

31st December 2014 and 1st January 2015 were nightmarish.. If I could, I would tear them to pieces so small that they wouldn't even be visible under any microscope. Alas! I cannot do that. The best I can do is write...

Life has always been cruel, but the thorns always showed promises of roses so I tread on the path without another thought. I always believed in hearing what the world said but following what my heart said and this is exactly what I did! But see where I am standing now.. in midst of nowhere.. with a broken heart... Gathering all the pieces together and searching for a glue so strong that no matter what I don't ever get a heart break again..

Hope you guys had a better New Year's Eve... Reading your blogs made me feel happy :) Made me remember of those wonderful NYE's when we had fun :) Sitting in front of the T.V. , sometimes only with Doordarshan and relishing the awesome food mom had cooked... and then being dropped into my warm and cozy bed by Dad!! Nothing ever can match those times... The first NYE I spent with the hubby when he wished me a "Happy New Year" infinite number of times :)

Times have been tough this year.. hope they vanish!!

#Blogathon2015 Day1

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