Friday, January 16, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day16 - Questions!

Who created religion?
When did Ram decide He is a Hindu and Christ decide He is a Christian?
When we are born, do we know which caste would we belong to?
Why is love not enough?
Why can a Hindu not marry a Muslim?
Why are families ashamed if their children go for an inter caste marriage?
Why do honor killings happen when all a couple did was get married not thinking about each other's caste, creed and religion?
Why do learned people behave like uneducated?
How does it matter what caste I am when you are reading my blog here?
How does my color matter?
How does it matter where I was born and whom I am married too?
How does it change anything in the world?
Can't humanity be my caste and kindness be my God?
Can't love be my faith?
Why divide on the name of religion and color?

Feeling sad :(
 A friend of mine loves a guy from another caste and her parents are treating her real bad. Her elder brother whom she trusts and loves hit her real hard. She misses office sometimes and her cell is also with him most of the times. She is made to do all house hold chores, cooks lunch and dinner with the office work. I haven't seen her smile for ages now :( We meet , I try cheering her up, but there's only so much I can do!

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