Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day13 - The Femina Blunder!

 I am a Femina lover... The magazine is a cool read and the goodies make me happy.. Each visit to any book store and the magazine would scream out to me, TAKE-ME-HOME and I always did. Spent the first few minutes digesting the images and then spent the next few days reading the articles, eagerly waiting for the next edition to be published. I subscribed for a year's subscription of the magazine and the status showed I'd get the 15th Dec edition. To my horror and dismay the magazine came on January the 6th.. after a series of phone calls and emails and complaints. I haven't received the 29th Dec issue and the Jan issue came yesterday.. this after another series of phone calls and complaints.. The customer care number is never answered... like never , even after being kept on hold for 15 minutes. Call in the morning and the peon answers, once in 10 days saying no body has come to office yet. Call after that and no one receives or if some one does, they'd say its lunch time. Call anytime post lunch and all you get is the ring tone. And call 6ish, the office is closed... Femina was all about empowering women... but this is total dismay... I want to cancel the subscription now, but don't know whom to and how to contact... Feeling sad :(

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