Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day5 - The End...

She ran to the bathroom..
Unable to contain her tears and with a heavy heart, she opened the bottle of phenyl in front of her!
She din't know if she wanted him to come and stop her..
She gulped down the complete liquid..
Had it been a glass of alcohol.. he would have teased her and asked her... "Bottoms up ehh?"
She laughed as the thoughts brought back memories....
Had it been any other day, she would have been running to catch her office bus, not today she told herself.. She stared in the mirror, unable to identify the person... Is this me? Given the fashion queen, she thought herself to be, she felt ashamed.. she dint wanna die in a plain sweat shirt and her favorite pair of jeans... But then that din't matter anymore did it?
The phenyl had started cleaning up, she was feeling the pain and burn in her stomach and on her lips... She could hear him shout and hurl abuse outside the bathroom.. not that it mattered anymore.. He had told her, she was a MISTAKE in his life... not once but many times.. and this time she din't want to give him a chance to say that again...
Her eyes blurred... Her legs started giving away..
And that was the END!

You'll keep flowers over her dead body now, shouldn't you have gifted her some when she was alive..
May be you'd miss her now, if only you bothered when she was alive..
An empty bed would sometimes make you feel lonely, if only you cared she felt alone too..
You'd look at her blue swollen lips , if only you kissed them when she had yearned for yours!!

Time flies never to come back again..
Say you love them now, take care now, stop and smell the roses with them now.. you never know when it can be the END!

#Blogathon2015 - Day5

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