Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day4 - Christmas Decoration @Phoenix,Pune

Christmas is one of the festivals I cherish with all my heart.. Having studied in a Convent, singing carols, dressing up for Christmas, eating plum cake and praising the Lord had become a way of life! So, this time the hubby decided to take me to Phoenix mall to enjoy the celebrations! But as Murphy would always have it his way, we had a working day and the roads were too packed for us to go.. Nevertheless, we kept out Christmas spirit alive and visited the mall on the weekend after Christmas... and oh boy!! It was worth the visit and the kilometers!! So if you haven't visited the mall and you are in Pune, its a must go! Posting some of the awesomeness pics...

I am loving the reindeers they made!! And to add up to the awesome atmosphere, we gorged on some "GRAND NACHOS" @ The Brew Pub and donuts and coffee @ Dunkin donuts!! Now that is life!!!

#Blogathon2015 day4

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