Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day14 - Rant+Poem=Roem!

Give me a paint brush and colors,
Let me paint the town!

Give me some glitter,
Let there be some shine!

Give me a pen and a paper,
Let me write down a poem,
Or may be a song, perhaps a duet!

Give me a guitar,
Let me play some chords!

Give me some ribbons,
Let me tie some bows!

Give me wings,
Let me fly!

Give me a heart,
Let it beat!

Give me feet,
Let me walk!

Give me freedom,
Let me be free!

Let me wander, let me get lost.
Let me smell the flowers,
Let me feel the thorns…

Let me light a candle,
Let there be light!

I don’t associate red with anger,
Blue doesn’t signify a low.
Black is not for mourning and white doesn’t show pain either!
I love all the colors and I love them all equally…

You are no one to decide, no one to think who I am!
Yes I wear denims with a short top
And yes I love them too..
And no I wouldn’t change
Even if you asked me too!
I have a short dress,
But believe me its’ longer than the longest thought you have!

Yes I love dancing
And to pubs I do go.
So what if I drink or not,
You are no one to know!

Yes I straightened my hair
And yes I wear them with pride..
And keep guessing my hair color..
You wouldn’t ever know!

And just because I do what I can,
Doesn’t give you the rights to decide!
Let me be a mystery to you,
I’ll let you envy me…
Be jealous, talk behind my back…
I may get hurt once a while
But I’ll learn not giving a damn!
I am no slut, just because you think I am!
I am what I am and I am way better that what you are…


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