Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day6 - GOA & PASTA

Our first wedding anniversary took us to Goa, a separate post about all the fun we had there.. but what needs to be mentioned first and foremost is the PASTA!!
We reached Goa on our anniversary and planned to spend the evening at Tito's but the place was overstuffed as usual and so we ended up at Mambo's.. two of the most happening pubs @Baga beach , Goa! The music was nice and so were the starters, but what we were looking for was some silence. So, we headed to the nearest beach shack... We sat facing the waters ,hearing the waves soothe our souls.. The waves play this magic on me... Feels lost as well as happy at the same time :) We weren't very hungry and the hubby asked me to order... and much to his horror I ordered the White Sauce Pasta... something I love... Later we started regretting if it was a good choice to order at the Shack... but the order had been placed till then! The ambience was nice, the candle light and the cozy seating made it all the more romantic... But the best part is yet to come... the PASTA!!
OMG! It was the tastiest pasta I have ever tasted :) It was cheesy goey yummy... awesome :)

I loved it so much that I dragged hubby to the same place for dinner the next night too and for lunch a day later :P Yes!! That's the effect it had on me!! And its been more than a month now and the hubby hasn't agreed to an Italian night out yet!!
Cutting this post short... should go and eat pasta... hungry already :P

#Blogathon2015 - Day6

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