Friday, January 9, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day9 - The Birthday Post

9-1-91 :)
24 years ago on this day, kiddo came into this world to..
Tear my books when I'd study...
Cry out loud to become the center of attention..
Make puppy faces so that Mom and Dad would leave all chores and return to him..
Always eat the maggi out of my bowl coz it always looked more than the quantity in his...
Always snatch the apple off my hands coz it was always tastier than what he had...
The chronicles are innumerable...

We have had our share of fights, we have had our share of tears..
We fought, we made up
We cried, we laughed
We cooked together and at times had to throw away the preparation and order something to eat...
 Life wouldn't have been this good without you..
Love you kiddo!
Happy Birthday to my baby brother... though 24 looks big but for me you'd always be my kiddo brother :)
Stay blessed!

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