Monday, January 5, 2015

Blogathon2015 - Day3 - My December fab bag!!

I am in love with my November fab bag... The December bag arrived pretty much on the heels of the November one.. And except one product, everything else made me really happy!
Let me write about what I liked first....
The bag is an awesome Red !! given the Christmasy theme.. I also got chocolates in a cute red paper box. Merry Christmas :) There is a lemon grass candle, which is mild and nice.. The smell is relaxing, loved it! Here are the other products -
1. Kronokare cooling and detoxifying massage oils - Haven't used the oils, but given that I had a nice experience with the kronokare products I guess this will be good too..
2. Tattva cherry blossom body butter - The smell is nice.. and the butter is pretty hydrating.. I feel pampered when I use this!
3. Tattva vanilla cinnamon lip scrub - Now this is a one of a kind product, mostly because I haven't used it before.. It actually melts on the lips and scrubs away the dry skin showing an instant difference...
And now for the product I din't like -
The Sea Soul HD finish CC Cream - The smell is not good.. its too strong.. plus I don't really use a CC cream.. so I would have been fine not getting this.. The other December fab bags had awesome red lipstick or emerald eye liners, I would have preferred one of those... but anyways :)
Overall the bag and products are nice... so I am happy!
This is my second fab bag and am expecting my third one soon... January is already here!! Hope this one is nice too so that I subscribe to it again!! :)

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