Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blogathon2015 #Day21 - Congratulations, it's a baby girl!!

When I was born, I am told, Dad was so happy he treated the entire hospital. The nurses were surprised and one of them even went ahead and told mom that it's the first time someone had distributed sweets on the birth of a daughter. It sometimes pinches me real hard, but then thinking about Mom and Dad, it gives me infinite happiness. When my baby brother was born, I don't think anything changed in my life. He brought happiness to us and that is it. I was never ignored, overlooked or less loved. On the contrary there have been incidences when I was giving priority over him, like getting the larger piece of chocolate, but given the good girl I am, I'd gladly share it with him! So, we never felt any difference. When we grew up, the rules were same for us. The family never made me realize that I was a girl and believe me I feel blessed!
I have a friend who has a 2 year old girl child and is not planning another kid. She is happy with her baby and says the gender doesn't matter to her and I stand by her. Recently her sister in law had a baby boy, she was happy for them and celebrated and cared equally. Little was she prepared for what came next. She said suddenly all festivals became merrier, more people invited over, new clothes for the complete family and what not. The same wasn't followed when her baby was born. This made her sad.. She said the difference was there. She is a working mom and stays with her in-laws. She was told to leave her job or drop her baby to her mother's place as the in-laws were aged and couldn't take care of the baby. But with the new born baby things have changed. They gladly take care of their grandson. They are educated people but I am really surprised why the behavior change!
Another friend of mine has an aunt who has two daughters. One of them is preparing for her 12th boards and the other is in 7th. The aunt is pressurized by her family to try for another baby! Like seriously, at this age! I had been out with her for coffee once and she shared how every time she is being mocked at for not giving birth to a baby boy. The lady is a green card holder and the in-laws have stayed in The States and enjoyed respectable job profiles, so then why the baby boy requirement?
Such incidences are eye openers. Will our society ever accept girls as equals to boys?

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